When you’re using YouTube videos for marketing purposes, you want to attract as many views as possible. The more viewers you attract, the more opportunities you’ll have to reach consumers that have a real interest in the products or services that you have to offer. It can bring more traffic to your website, increase brand awareness and enhance sales.

That’s the whole purpose of creating a video in the first place, so you want to make sure your efforts aren’t in vain. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to help make your videos a success. Here are four ways to increase YouTube views for your videos that really do work.

Make It Easy to Find Your Videos

You have to make sure that viewers can find your videos or you won’t stand a chance. There are millions of videos on YouTube and you can literally get lost among them if you don’t take steps to ensure the viewers can find you. It’s important to place carefully selected keywords within the title and the description to help viewers locate your video.

Make sure the keywords you use are relevant to the content in the video for the best results. Whenever someone is searching for that particular type of information, your video should appear and you won’t attract viewers that expected something very different from what you have to offer. Once you learn a few good video SEO tips, you’re sure to get more views.

Quality Does Matter

When making a YouTube video, quality does matter. You wouldn’t want to watch a poorly made, unorganized video and neither does anyone else. Take your time and set up the background to match the theme of the video and create a script that outlines what you need to say and do. The script should also tell you when to perform these actions. Organization and planning will save you editing time and help you create a quality video that others will want to view.

Utilize Social Media

If you’re not using social media to spread the word around that you have a video to share, you’re missing a great opportunity. While you don’t want to be annoying or pushy, there is nothing wrong with asking your followers to share your video.

Buy Views to Give Your Video a Jumpstart

You can also buy views to help create interest in your videos before asking others to share it. Many people will click on a video that already has some views before they would one that has none, simply because they want to see what others found interesting. Therefore, buying views is a great way to generate interest in your videos and the content will make them want to share it with others.

Just creating and posting a video is not enough to generate views. You need to take extra steps to draw in the viewers. When you use these four ways to increase YouTube views for your videos, you’re sure to get the views that you’re hoping for. Who knows, if the content is interesting enough, it could even go viral.

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Webmasters are a techy bunch, who as a rule will have a good understanding of and appreciation for technology. If you run a website then you will work online for a living meaning that you’ll be constantly exposed to technology and interacting with it daily. You can probably code at least in HTML (maybe JavaScript) and you probably type like lightning.

Seeing as you both enjoy and rely upon technology then, it follows that you should have some pretty good devices of your own, both for work and for play. Most important of these is no doubt your smartphone, which can act as a personal assistant allowing you to carry out many of your regular tasks as webmaster while you’re on the move.

So what’s the best smartphone for a webmaster? Read on for some top candidates…

The Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Okay, so it’s not officially out yet, but three mobile carriers reportedly already have it in stock so we can count it as essentially here. And what a phone it is… Running Android (of course – why would you settle for anything less flexible?), this is a phone with over 6” of screen real estate and a processor clocked at around 2.2GHZ – a true first. On top of that it also features a completely waterproof chassis (much like its smaller brother the Xperia Z) and even allows you to write on the screen with a pencil or coin. Not convinced by the size? Then pick up the accompanying headset that also shows texts allowing you to keep the device in a bag or breast pocket while you keep up with your correspondence.

The Galaxy Note 2

The Galaxy Note 2 is another device that gives users a great big screen to play with, and this time comes with its own stylus that allows for pressure sensitivity and a number of other slick functions. On top of this the Note 2 also features real multitasking in that it allows you to open more than one app at once and have them share portions of the screen.

The Nokia Lumia

I did say ‘why would you want anything less flexible than Android’, but then again, if you’re tightly tied to Microsoft’s infrastructure then you might get some use from sticking with the big M. This way you can sync your calendar and contacts with your PC, and it’s also very handy if you’re looking to get into Windows 8 Mobile development. You won’t get access to the large range of handy apps that you get with the Android ecosystem, but you’ll certainly get most things you need still such as FTP and Word Press. There’s also a very nice camera on there which will be sure to prove handy for getting images for your website.

The Ubuntu Edge

Okay, so this one actually isn’t out yet, but when it finally is released it’s sure to be the most useful phone that anyone has ever used online – allowing you to boot to a full desktop version of Ubuntu which will mean you literally only need one device. The specs are stunning and the design is top-of-the-range. That’s the thing about being a futurist – you can never have the thing you want…

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Worldwide, it’s the 45th most visited site.  Locally, it’s where individuals find lawn boys, garage sales and used iPhones.  Craigslist has enjoyed what few classified sites can tout: consistent visitorship, success stories and even one deranged serial killer.  While business is conducted daily via the world’s cheapest yet most expansive classified ads site, selling domain names hasn’t really been proven quite effective to the point it could remain competitive with other major brokerages or auction platforms.

Tantalizing as it may seem, we’d like to point out several major reasons why utilizing Craigslist for domain sales could prove more problematic than fruitful for domainers.

Excessive ‘Counter Spam’

When placing your first advertisement, perhaps Barrister John Forsythe has contacted you about his wife’s misfortunes in moving millions from an offshore account into America.  Or, perhaps you’ll receive an offer 10 times your domain’s actual value IF you agree to wire $5000 of the fake check proceeds to Nairobi. Unfortunate, ‘free’ breeds inhumane acts such as this; investing in actual platforms that legitimately allow those selling domain names to receive normal offers weeds out spammy activities such as these.  Somehow, regardless if you’re using the Craigslist mail relay, the scammers will find you.

Ridiculous Moderation Means Missed Opportunity

If you’ve rubbed business partners the wrong way, expect your post to get flagged.  Competition doesn’t like your advertisement? Hmm…let’s mark this as ‘inappropriate’.  The moderation technique adopted by Craigslist is simple:  let everyone post, and everyone help keep the community ‘shiny’ – by any means necessary.  This means illegitimate posters have 50% better chance of selling their flimflam services than you, the standup guy or gal trying to earn an honest living by selling domain names correctly.  Quite honestly, doesn’t your domain name deserve better audience attention than this?

Paying Pains

Unless previously arranged between buyer and seller, Escrow.com will not protect your purchase or really even care about the transaction unless their stamp of approval is somewhere on Craigslist.  PayPal transactions that seem shady will get one, or both, accounts placed into ‘Limited’ status until their wild computer algorithm instills probability tests into the transaction.  This leaves face-to-face, check, money order or electronic money sending systems as your payment mode.

The latter is, nearly 99.9% of the time, screaming ‘scam!’ while the former may get you robbed at gunpoint.  Again, premium domains need protection that free classified advertisement sites simply cannot offer IF they were brave enough to offer it, period.


Nobody can hate the frugal spenders, investors or everyday marketing gurus; times are still rather touchy amidst up and down stocks and lazy job figures.  When selling domain names online, you’re moving ‘product’, essentially; product that should have equivocal buyer protection and seller indemnity as physical items do.

Unfortunately, Craigslist isn’t the proper platform for guaranteeing anything more than lower offers, higher fraud rates and individuals selling dreams to business people wanting nothing more than to profit off reality.  Think about what platforms are actually tried and true before posting Domains for Sale advertisements amiss.

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When you decide to put your business online (and that is a decision you should make right now), you will need to choose just the right design for that web presence. wordpresslogoHow can you possibly choose the right theme for your own business site? Here are some quick and simple steps that will help you narrow down your options, find your way out of the jungle, and set up the perfect website for your company.

Consider Your Company Image

You will learn that one of the most important things to always keep in mind is company image or brand. You need to have a brand that is very clearly recognizable. People need to see images, text, or logos and know immediately that they refer to your company. You need to choose a theme that will actually go along with your company image and brand so that people will immediately recognize it as yours.

Consider Style

There are many different styles of themes out there and they are not all suitable for each company out there. For example, a daycare facility would not want a formal website while a law office would not want a cute and fun website. When you look at themes, be sure to keep in mind the style of your business and choose one that will work with that style whether it is formal, fun, cute, modern, clean, trendy, professional, or anything else.

Consider Content

Finally, you will want to think about the type of content you wish to include on your website. For example, you may wish to include a number of pictures on the site, and that would mean choosing a theme that features slideshows and photo galleries. You may wish to have a website that is more news based. In that case, you will want a highlight on the text. Consider just what you need from content on your site and then choose a theme accordingly.

There are so many website themes out there that you could choose from. You could feel like you are lost in the jungle when you realize just how many options you have. In order to navigate that jungle and choose the right theme, there are things you need to consider: your company image, the style of your company, and the content you need featured.

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