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January 19, 2010

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Guest Post by Evan Britton, Founder of Sency1263885163_rss2_2-16

Google recently announced that it will be integrating real time results into organic search results.   Bing has started to integrate real time search as well.  In addition to this, several companies have launched real time search engines and real time tools to try and capitalize on this space.  However, it’s the user that will ultimately benefit from the real time web through these tools.  Below are several things users can do on the real time web along with several places users can go to take advantage of this new medium.

The way to start is with search – just like the traditional web.  Twitter has a very easy to use real time search engine.  You simply go to their website and use their search box to find real time search results for nearly any topic.  There are many types of searches that will provide value for you on the real time web, here is a sample of search tips which you help you learn how to navigate the real time web.

Another way to take advantage of the real time web is through trends. Trends show you which topics are being talked about the most right now.  And What the Trend is like Wikipedia for trends in that it shows you the hottest trends right now and it also gives you reasons for why a particular trend is hot.

You can find out which links are the most popular right now via the real time web.  TweetMeme‘s homepage will show you which stories are the hottest right now on the real time web.  This can help you to see the stories that are being shared and talked about this instant.  Also, if you want to see popular links for any respective keyword, you can check out Sency.  After you perform a search, you will see the Today’s Most Popular Links tab which will show you the links that are most popular right now for any given keyword.

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