The Benefits of Forum Marketing

January 18, 2009

in Internet Marketing Tips

Forum marketing is one of the most often overlooked and underestimated forms of marketing a product or website online. Many marketers  think that since web forums typically apply the “nofollow” attribute to links, there isn’t much benefit to this form of marketing. While it is true that many popular forums do not follow links, some still do. Besides, gaining PR isn’t necessarily the goal of forum marketing, gaining traffic and web credibility should be.

Here are a few of the reason that I recommend you consider using forum marketing as part of your overall online marketing strategy:

  • There are many great forums for just about any market that can be accessed for FREE!
  • Adding valuable information to a forum thread can help add credibility to your website in the eyes of the other forum users.
  • Posting often on popular forums can be a good source of very targeted traffic.
  • Most forums allow you to use any anchor text for your signature links which can help you gain traction for your targeted keywords.

*Use this free keyword research tool to find the best anchor text for your signature links.

The most important thing to remember about forum marketing is that, like blog commenting, you  need to be adding value to the thread or conversation whenever you post. Random and/or off-topic posts will not only get you banned from the forum for spamming, it can also greatly hurt your site’s credibility and your online reputation. Forum marketing does take time and  effort, but so does just about any good marketing method. A great side-benefit of forum marketing for me has been that I learn so many great tips and techniques just from reading the forum posts!

If you are new to forum marketing, I recommend picking one or two high quality forums (Warrior Forum and Digital Point are two of my favorites), and just start reading them on a daily basis. Set up your signature to include a targeted link to your website(s), but make sure the signature meets the rules of each forum you post in. If you start reading forum posts each day, you’ll quickly find some that you can add value to and BAM….you have begun forum marketing. Good luck!

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