Navigating the Jungle of WordPress Website Themes to the Right One

May 18, 2013

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When you decide to put your business online (and that is a decision you should make right now), you will need to choose just the right design for that web presence. wordpresslogoHow can you possibly choose the right theme for your own business site? Here are some quick and simple steps that will help you narrow down your options, find your way out of the jungle, and set up the perfect website for your company.

Consider Your Company Image

You will learn that one of the most important things to always keep in mind is company image or brand. You need to have a brand that is very clearly recognizable. People need to see images, text, or logos and know immediately that they refer to your company. You need to choose a theme that will actually go along with your company image and brand so that people will immediately recognize it as yours.

Consider Style

There are many different styles of themes out there and they are not all suitable for each company out there. For example, a daycare facility would not want a formal website while a law office would not want a cute and fun website. When you look at themes, be sure to keep in mind the style of your business and choose one that will work with that style whether it is formal, fun, cute, modern, clean, trendy, professional, or anything else.

Consider Content

Finally, you will want to think about the type of content you wish to include on your website. For example, you may wish to include a number of pictures on the site, and that would mean choosing a theme that features slideshows and photo galleries. You may wish to have a website that is more news based. In that case, you will want a highlight on the text. Consider just what you need from content on your site and then choose a theme accordingly.

There are so many website themes out there that you could choose from. You could feel like you are lost in the jungle when you realize just how many options you have. In order to navigate that jungle and choose the right theme, there are things you need to consider: your company image, the style of your company, and the content you need featured.

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