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Why Build .edu Baclinks?

Building backlinks is an important factor in the ranking of your website in the search engines. The more credible the backlink source, the more authority that backlink has with Google. Edu links tend to have more authority with Google because not just anyone can attain a .edu domain name. They are reserved specifically for educational institutions, monitored by them and therefor have a significantly higher chance of containing relevant information, including their links. When the Googlebots crawl a .edu site and see a link to your site, all things equal that link is typically recognized as more credible than one from a .com, .net., .info etc.

About The .Edu Blog Finder Tool

The .Edu Blog Finder works just like any other search engine. Simply drop in your “keyword” or “keyword phrase”, click theĀ  “search” button and you’re ready to start commenting! The .edu blog commenting process is no different than regular blogs, just be sure to maintain the same level of professionalism and etiquette when leaving a comment. For those who are new to commenting on blogs or if you just want a refresher, here are a couple pointers when it comes to commenting on others blogs:

  • The golden rule – Treat others as you would like to be treated. It’s as simple as that.
  • Read the post and make your comments relevant
  • Maintain a high level of professionalism
  • Add value to the post- I always suggest you either add your own opinion, perhaps a point they may have missed or maybe just a quick show of appreciation for their content.

We built the .Edu Blog Finder to elminate a step in the link building process. Before this tool, you would have to go to Google, type in your keyword and append a specific search parameter to find .edu blogs. When building hundreds of links a month, the little extra time that it takes to do this really adds up.



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