Facebook Privacy Woes [Infographic]

January 22, 2013

in Social Media Marketing

Just when you thought you were safe, your distant relatives have started requesting to be your friend on Facebook. How did they find you? Didn’t you set your privacy settings to the highest possible back when made your profile four years ago? And why do you keep getting invitations to their fake bakeries and farms?

Facebook has had more than a couple of failings in the past few years, causing a massive drop in customer satisfaction. In 2009, all users had their privacy settings reset with no notice. Third party applications, such as games like Farmville, soon began collecting data not just from people who used them but from their friends as well.

Facebook does have elaborate privacy settings, including a feature that allows users to see what their profile looks like to other users; however, while this may throw grandma off your trail, Facebook’s advertisers will still be keeping tabs on your “likes”.

Facebook Privacy Infographic

Source: Facebook Privacy Fail

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