Find High Pagerank Blogs That Dofollow

November 21, 2008

in SEO Tips

While many blogs include the “nofollow” tag to any links included in post comments, there are many blogs that do pass Pagerank through comments. Finding these “dofollow” blogs has always been the trick. By now, you’ve probably heard of Market Samurai’s market research tool since so many people are getting wind of it. Here’s how you can use their Promotion module to find do follow blogs:

1.) If you haven’t done so already, download the Free Trial (affiliate link)

2.) Name your new campaign.

3.) Click on the “promotion” tab

4.) Select the “Follow Blog” checkbox

5.) Click “Find Backlinks” on the right hand side

Market Samurai will display a bunch dofollow blogs, many with high Pagerank. This tool should really cut down on the effort it takes to build links with blog comments.

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