Finding the Best States for Incorporation [Infographic]

January 31, 2013

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Forming a corporation can do several things for a business or organization regardless of whether it is for profit or nonprofit. It is important, however, that regulations and laws don’t exist that could cripple the fledgling or well-established corporation. Unfortunately, many states throughout the country do not make it easy to incorporate; which makes the states that are actually welcoming to these entities all the more vital. Regardless of the sometimes unfair rules that certain states place on corporations, there are quite a few that look after their best interests.

One of the main things to consider when forming a corporation is the ease of the initial process. Florida, for instance, actually has a searchable database containing all of the documents needed for the process of incorporation. It also allows filing of these documents online. Montana also provides a bit of ease due to the fact that its basic filing fee is only seventy dollars. The initial costs and ease related to incorporation, however, are definitely not the only thing that should be considered.

The process of maintaining a corporation is also fairly significant. Montana makes it simple to maintain an incorporated entity due to the fact that reporting burdens are minimal. Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming are also great when it comes to respecting the privacy of corporations. New Mexico, in fact, doesn’t even require corporations to report who their acting owners or officers are. These rules, and many others, make the aforementioned states some of the friendliest in the country for corporations.

Best States for Incorporation

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