Guerilla Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

January 29, 2010

in Internet Marketing Tips

Yesterday we wrote about Jay Conrad Levinson’s 20 secrets of guerrilla marketing, which is a great segue into an elaborated list of guerrilla marketing tactics that are quite different than the traditional marketing tactics we are used to. Although this list is a bit outside the scope of what we normally cover, i think most aspects of it are valuable an can be applied to any internet business/blog etc.  Here is a list of particularly distinguishable differences that Levinson shared in a recent lecture:

  • The purchasing process is always emotional
  • Always educate prospects on how you will help them succeed at their goals
  • maintain focus (stick to your niche)
  • Grow your business geometrically
    • enlarge the size of transaction (units and $)
    • Network and ask for referrals from each customer
  • Look for other businesses that have similar leads and setup cooperative partnerships/trade leads
  • Don’t sell features, sell solutions to problems
  • Use “you” marketing and talk about customers
  • Marketing combinations and integrated communications
  • Relationships count more than money at the end of the month
  • Use individual messaging (further to the right the better)
    • Broadcast > Narrowcast > Microcast > Nanocast
  • Pay attention to business image
  • Gain consent and broaden consent
  • Internet is a dialogue of conversation, listen and respond
  • Sell what they need

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