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If you clicked the “Guest Post” link, it’s probably because you are interested in contributing to Emarketing Newsletter!

If you’re a writer and know a lot about working online, owning a small business, freelancing or Internet marketing and you can give great advice on branding, marketing, productivity, Twitter (and other related topics), or you can write ‘how-to’ posts or ‘top-10′ posts, please get in contact with Emarketing Newsletter (contact form here).

What We Are Looking For in a Guest Blog Post

Please take some time to read the posts already published. We’re looking for well-written posts/articles that freelancers, entrepreneurs, Internet Marketers, Interactive agencies, etc.. will be interested in reading, as simple as that.

Please, if you submit an article for publication on Emarketing Newsletter, make sure it is an original article. If the article has already been published elsewhere, it will not get published again on Emarketing Newsletter!

If you’re looking to get a little more exposure for your own blog or even just want to get your name out there, writing on Emarketing Newsletter should help you do just that.

Rules And Guidelines for Guest Posting

Here are some basic “rules and guidelines” when writing your guest post.

* 400 words minimum
* Please do not send images, unless of course they’re cool and we have the rights to use them
* Make sure to utilize spell check before sending your post(s).
* If you’re not sure, send a sample of your work for review
* We reserve the right to edit your post for head tags, punctuation, grammar, etc.
* Include a byline/signature – maximum of 2 links
* Absolutely no affiliate links in your posts
* No links to questionable or bad neighborhood websites (link farms, MFA, adult)
* If you write about a personal business experience (good or bad), please be discrete and do not mention any names (use your imagination!)
* You agree that the posts will never be republished elsewhere (or were not previously published on another website).

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at or via our contact form. Please put “Write For Us” in the subject line.

Thank you very much,

The Emarketing Newsletter Team