Haiti Earthquake – Online Donations & Helpful Resources

January 18, 2010

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red_crossI thought it necessary to deviate from the regular Internet Marketing related posts in favor of helping those impacted by the recent earthquake in Haiti. According to the latest news accounts, over 100,000 are expected to have died during the quake or over the past 48 hours with the after effects of disease, dehydration and starvation.

As Emarketing Newsletter’s minor contribution to the Haitian disaster, here is a compilation of websites that you can check out if you want to monitor what’s happening in Haiti and also make donations to the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders. In addition, for each and every new Twitter follower generated through the remainder of the month of January we’ll be donating $5 to the Red Cross relief efforts – so become a follower here!

  • Text Yele. Wyclef Jean is urging donors to text ‘Yele’ to 501501 and make a $5 contribution to the relief effort over cell phone. Click here to get more information via Wyclef’s Twitter page.
  • Save the Children. Donate at savethechildren.org or make checks out to “Save the Children” and mail to: Save the Children Income Processing Department, 54 Wilton Road, Westport, Conn. 06880
  • UNICEF. Go online to unicefusa.org/haitiquake or call (800) 4UNICEF.
  • Red Cross. To Donate $10 to Red Cross for #Haiti – Text HAITI to 90999 (the $10 will be charged to your cell phone bill)”. You can also go online to redcross.org and click Donate, or call (800) REDCROSS.
  • Direct Relief InternationalDonate online at directrelief.org.
  • Mercy Corp. Go online to mercycorps.org or mail checks to Haiti Earthquake Fund, Dept. NR, PO Box 2669, Portland, Ore. 97208 or call (888) 256-1900
  • Useful Number to Memorize -1-888-407-4747. It’s a toll-free number set up by the The State Department has also set up links on its Web site to facilitate donations to disaster relief agencies.
  • DipNote – urges everyone to donate
  • TwitterMap.tv – shows where people are tweeting geographically
  • Google Earth image mapping layer of Haiti
  • Center for International Disaster Information
  • Text “HAITIY” tp 9999to donate – part of this donation will be used for another dimensione.
  • Or you can go online to organizations like the Red Cross and Mercy Corps to make a contribution to the disaster relief efforts.

Have I missed any important resources? Please leave them in the comments if so!

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