How Social Media is Changing Customer Service

January 26, 2013

in Social Media Marketing

Social media is growing rapidly as a powerful brand marketing tool. Last year, 32 percent of people said their buying decisions were impacted by social media. This year? Double that many – 64 percent! It’s clear brands can no long ignore the critical need to have a robust online presence.

Social media is also gaining ground as one of the best ways to deliver customer service. When Comcast started @comcastcares in 2010, they probably never expected to reach their astonishing 45,000+ followers in such a short time. This example speaks volumes to the increasing reliance consumers have on social media to keep in touch with brands and resolve issues. Which social network is leading the pack in terms of consumer influence? Not surprisingly, Facebook, with nearly half of respondents indicating that Facebook has the biggest influence on their buying decisions.

Ready to take advantage of the many possibilities social media offers to engage your target audience? Get more details by checking out the infographic below.

Social Media and Customer Service

This infographic was made by ClickSoftware Field Workforce Management. Find more about the customer service infographic from ClickSoftware.

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