10 Great Link Building Tips

November 23, 2009

in SEO Tips

Link building is an absolute must in order stay competitive on the SERP’s. Whether people are voluntarily linking to you, or you are going out and getting the links, you must constantly increase the number of inbound links to your site. An inbound link (with anchor text) is still recognized as one of the most important search engine ranking factors. Here’s a list of tactics you can use to increase the number of inbound links to your site or blog:

  1. Guest post– This is a great way to gain exposure to new readers and get some links at the same time. Yeah it takes some work, but it can be well worth it. We’ve had numerous people guest post who’ve noticed a traffic jump when we post their article.
  2. Use lists– Everyone likes lists. They’re easy to read, they’re easy to remember and they’re usually well thought out. I prefer lists because i can browse the the bullet points and choose what i want to read more about. Lists are often one of the best types of linkbait because bloggers love to refer their readers to a good list every now and then.
  3. Social bookmarking– You can’t miss the social bus these days. From creating and populating profiles with relevant content to simply learning how to submit your site to numerous social sites, the social game will bring you traffic. Remember that sites like YouTube are social and a great way to promote multimedia content. If you have an educational video or are providing something valuable your audience, they are likely to link to it.
  4. Content syndication– Publish your articles across the various article and industry news sites. Use Press Releases for SEO benefits by sending them to journalists. RSS feeds are a great way to keep pulling people back as well as a way to establish trust with your readers. As long as you are consistently providing value to your readers, you will increase your chances of being linked to.
  5. Directories– Submit to major directories. There are thousands of free directories where you can list your site or blog and get some free link juice. Check out our list of the top 25 strongest web directories as a place to start.
  6. Network with your community– Network online and offline. Meet as many people as you can in your industry, comment on their blog posts, start a conversation with others whose content you find interesting. Link to them. If they like what you’re doing, they’ll likely return the favor. It’s like sharing.
  7. Product/Service review– This is a great way to provide value to your readers as well as get some brownie points from the company whose product you’re reviewing. There’s a good chance they will refer back to your review in some form or another.
  8. Establish yourself as an authority– We’ve established our blog as an internet marketing resource for up to date news, tips and industry information. Stick to what you know and what you’re good at and become an authority. This is where it all the previous points come together.
  9. Give stuff away– Hey, who doesn’t like free stuff. If you can manage to give something free to your audience, you’d better believe they’ll be linking to you. And free stuff could be as simple as invaluable internet marketing tips.
  10. Get viral– There is no better way to get a whole bunch of links in a short period of time than coming up with a creative viral campaign. One successful viral campaign can jump start your entire business.

*This is a perfect example of a good article to link to 😉

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