Market Samurai Review Part Four: Monetization, Promotion and Finding and Publishing Content

November 1, 2009

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This is a great feature that allows you to search through four of the top affiliate networks (ClickBank, Commission Junction, Amazon and right through the software. You can search through the products without having an account if you haven’t set one up. You can search products by keywords and get assistance in setting up a custom campaign. Read more about How to Monetize a Blog with Market Samurai.


Find Content

This feature allows you to assess the quality of the content on the web. This will help you understand which articles the search engines consider to be of the highest value, as well as help you understand where there might be opportunities to create content of value.



Getting backlinks is a major aspect of a successful SEO campaign. The great thing about the “promotion” piece of this software is that it lets you search for relevant content based on a particular keyword. It will then give you the number of times the keyword appears in the article to determine relevancy, how many times the article has been republished, the PageRank, the number of backlinks for the particular page and the domain age. All of these are important factors in determining the value of link building through comments.


Publish Content

Walks you through the content publishing process step by step, saving time, effort and doesn’t require a lot of skill… Need I say more? They are also adding an adwords module soon which we will keep you updated on.

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