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May 29, 2009

in Internet Marketing Tips

Yesterday I talked a lig on ttle bit about the ways in which Yahoo Answers can benefit your website. Today’s post continues on the Yahoo Answers topic and will provide you with some tips and techniques to begin promoting your site through Yahoo Answers.

When you first sign up for a Yahoo Answers account, you are given 100 points which can be used to ask questions and perform other actions on Answers. As an Internet marketer, you will be primarily focused on answering questions, so the points are going to be less of an issue for you. Basically, as you provide relevant answers to questions, you will naturally gain more and more points.

The method that has brought me the most success (most traffic) is to start by searching for questions related to my website topic. For example, if I were trying to promote this website, I might do a search for Pagerank or SEO. You don’t want to do just a regular search, however. It is much more effective to click on the advanced search option. The reason for this is that the majority of questions are no longer open for answers. When you perform an advanced search, you can limit the results to only include questions that still have their status as “Open”.

Once you get a list of some open questions relating to your topic, I recommend beginning to answer ones that you can provide value to. Obviously, you don’t want to make it obvious that you are plugging your website, so it is important to answer questions without adding your website as a resource to each. When a question comes along that is directly related to a page on your site, provide a strong answer to the question and include a link to your related page as a resource. I actually recommend trying to always include two resources, the first one from your website and the second link to a related, but non-affiliated page. This will help to make it seem that you are providing honest, unbiased answers and not just marketing your site.

I realize that this might seem like a lot of work to build links that don’t even result in an increase in Pagerank, but generally speaking, it is worth your time. As you answer questions on Yahoo Answers, you will often times find yourself learning new things and hopefully you’ll even enjoy helping others with topics that you are passionate about. If you can get some of your answers chosen as the “Best answer” for several questions, you are setting your site up to receive high-quality, targeted traffic for months or even years to come.

Good Luck!

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