How PPC Can Complement SEO

July 20, 2017

in PPC Marketing

SEO and SEM working together

Online marketing is absolutely necessary for any entrepreneur or business these days. Whether it’s social media, organic SEO content, or PPC campaigns, you need that extra exposure to the multitudes.

Maybe you’ve got a killer organic SEO content marketing strategy. If so, kudos to you. Or perhaps you are nailing it when it comes to PPC campaigns! If so, yay!

Both are highly effective at getting your product or services in front of more people.

Are PPC and SEO compatible?

Now, you may think that PPC and SEO are not compatible, but this is not necessarily true. PPC needs SEO in a good way AND organic SEO content marketing can lend some useful data to PPC campaigns.

It’s a win-win, for sure.

Today let’s go over some of the benefits that you can gain by using both PPC and SEO at the same time.

1. Better exposure on search engine results pages

One of the greatest benefits of joining up your SEO and PPC efforts is that you’ll get better exposure on the search engine result pages. Both paid search results and organic search results are certainly helpful in bringing more traffic to your site, so you want to be sure that you don’t skimp here.

For example, let’s say your business ranks in the top 3 in the organic search results. That’s wonderful! Now, you may be tempted to skip the PPC efforts because you’re already ranked, but keep in mind that if your company also shows up in the paid results, you’re not only looking like you’re a serious contender in your niche, but you also get double the exposure on the page.

This means more people seeing your business name or product!

2. You’ll have keyword data for both

When you run both PPC and organic content campaigns, you may have more data to analyze, but that data will give you excellent PPC keywords and organic keywords to work with. As such, you’ll be able to figure out what keywords are getting you the best conversion rate. Then, when you nail down the specific keywords, use them to optimize your overall strategy.

3. Implement site search data on your website

When it comes to PPC advertising, you want to get into your customers head. You want to know what keywords specifically they’re searching for. If you implement site search on your website, you can then analyze what exactly people are searching for. Then, this can give you the insight you need when it comes to which keywords to use for your paid marketing campaigns.

4. Your highest PPC ad conversion

What’s your best paid advertising campaign? What are the keywords responsible for it working so well? When you determine this, it’ll help your organic content strategy immensely. You’ll then be able to create specific title tags, meta descriptions, and content that you want to rank organically for.

5. The social media landscape

When you use PPC as part of your social media marketing, the data of that you collect can help you create a brilliant SEO strategy. Whether you use Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or LinkedIn marketing, you’ll be able to specify exactly what your demographics are. The data that you receive from the social media landscape can certainly help with your organic content SEO strategy.

6. Test keywords out

If you have an organic content strategy, then most likely you have organic keywords that you’re using. It will help you to test those organic key words with PPC and see what your conversion rates are. You’ll find out in a quick minute whether those organic keywords are actually as effective as you think they are using paid marketing.

If they’re not working you can change things up. This is the beauty of testing things out with PPC. You will forever be testing, tweaking, and changing things up here and there to keep your business in front of the masses.

PPC makes your business smart

Ok, well your business is probably already smart, but using data acquired through PPC campaigns will help you makes better SEO strategies. As you probably know, some of your main keywords are already winning Google’s favor, and most likely they’re going to stay there for a while. Competing with the big wigs can be rough, so instead of optimizing for that dream of landing on the first page of Google results, start trying for the next most relevant keywords that you have a better shot at getting ranked.

You don’t want to waste months wasting time on keywords that you’re not going to rank for. Potential is great, but let’s be realistic. Start optimizing for the keywords that are not as popular with the big wigs, as this will maximize your efforts.

Listen, organic SEO content is necessary and valuable, but paid search marketing is too. To get the biggest bang for all your marketing bucks, implement both SEO and PPC marketing into your strategy.

Hire a PPC professional

If you’re not sure how to create a PPC campaign, look into hiring a Pay Per Click marketing firm. There’s no sense in wasting time or money trying to create paid ads that do little to no converting. There’s a science behind PPC campaigns, such as Google AdWords. Yes, there are tutorials on the topic and you can get a pretty good understanding of how to run a campaign, but as with anything, the experts can get you further.

What’s important to understand is that your investment in a PPC advertising professional will get you a better rate on your return. Take some time to do some research and consider running both a PPC and SEO marketing strategy for your product or service.

Marketing is the name of the sales game, so get in and give it 100%.

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