Why Quality Over Quantity Always Matters in Social Media Marketing

May 13, 2017

in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is still relatively young and a field full of opportunity for experimentation. This is a double-edged sword in some ways though, because it means that we’re still a bit clueless about what works in the grand scheme of things.

Several trends have cropped up over the years and have become relatively stable, and one of those is the idea that you should limit the frequency of your posts as much as you can while aiming for the best quality in every detail.

There are several reasons for that, and some of them are tied to the specific inner workings of the various platforms you’ll be using. But in the end, making sure that you only post when it truly matters will get you ahead far more quickly than simply spamming as much as you can in hopes of getting seen.

Users learn to tune out the noise

According to a Wellington SEO company, “If you start posting too often, you actually risk alienating some of your more active followers. If they start seeing too much of your content, they will subconsciously start to ignore it and scroll past your new posts.” Do this enough and you’ll see your follower base dropping down significantly over a very short time span.

On the other hand, posting rarely ensures that all of your subscribers – and potential new readers – will pay more attention to the content as it will come as more of a surprise to them. Make sure that the post itself is worth reading and captivating as well, and you’ve got a surefire recipe for success.

Social networks will silence you

The rule for not posting too much also has some roots in the way most social media platforms operate as well. Facebook, for example, will make your page’s posts less visible if they start coming in too often. That’s because the platform tries to balance the content it shows to users between all of their subscriptions, so it will put more weight on those that post less frequently.

Twitter uses similar systems to determine what content gets shown to which users, and considering how useful the platform can be for boosting your brand, it’s critical to utilize it properly and avoid making some common mistakes.

If you want to use reddit, you will not only have to limit the frequency of your self-promotion posts, but you’ll also need to regularly post as a normal user and contribute to the community. How often you post for marketing purposes is especially important here, and you’ll want to balance things adequately.

You’ll entice new followers

Every time someone new comes across your social media profile and decides to randomly scroll around, you want to maximize the chances that they hit something good. And what’s the most efficient way to go about that? Of course, by posting less frequently and ensuring that everyone of your posts is solid and filled with good substance. It will take some time to reach that perfect balance, but it will be well worth it.

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