Strongest Web Directories

Everybody seems to focus on Pagerank these days, but it is important to consider the fact that the Pagerank that shows up in your Google Toolbar is only updated 3 or 4 times a year and can be very inaccurate. To get a more accurate representation of which web directories actually offer the most SEO benefits, I used seoMoz’s Linkscape tool to rate each directory and see which are truly the strongest right now. Below you will find a list of the top 25 web directories based on mozRank, a measure of the available “link-juice” that can be passed on to your site.

Top 25 Web Directories 2010

Directory Name mozRank Cost
1. no change DMOZ 8.31 Free
2. no change Yahoo Directory 7.53 $299/year
3. up
Web World
7.35 Free
4. down
7.27 $39.99 permanent
5. up
Relmax Top
7.23 Free
6. up
Family Friendly Sites
7.11 $19.95/year or $49.99 permanent
7. up
7.09 Free
8. down

7.08 Free
9. up
6.98 $24.95 permanent
10. up
Aviva Web Directory
6.96 $49.95/yar
11. up
Romow Web Directory
6.92 $45 permanent
12. up
6.86 $69/year or $199 permanent
13. down Shopping Directory
6.84 9 euros and up
14. up
6.83 $39.99 permanent
15. no change
6.80 Free
16. up
Ally Directory
6.73 $12.95 permanent
17. down
6.58 Bidding Directory
18. down
6.57 $300/year
19. up
6.56 $59.95/year or $159.95 permanent
20. down
Best of the Web
6.52 $99.95/year or $249.95 permanent
21. down
6.30 Free
22. up
Global Internet Index
6.28 $25 permanent
23. down
6.12 $39.99 permanent
24. down
5.78 $44.99 permanent
25. down
5.61 $27.99 permanent

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