The Cloud is One Huge Reason To Start A Business Today

January 27, 2013

in Internet Marketing Tips

Afraid to start your own company because of skyrocketing development costs? Consider this: The cost of a traditional data center runs about $120,000. But you can get the same functionality along with the benefit of always running the most frequent updates for just $46,636.80 if you tap into the cloud. Cloud computing is making it more feasible than ever before for would-be entrepreneurs to get their dreams off the ground. Before the cloud, we had to rely on traditional data centers. That meant project management, equipment, service, cooling equipment or processes, and let’s not forget engineering and installation –blah. No wonder it was a major feat to start a successful startup. It required millions in capital just to get your technology infrastructure moving. But the cloud has changed all that, dramatically reducing barriers to entry for entrepreneurs. In fact, the cloud can reduce these technology costs by nearly $75,000. That’s no small chunk of change, and plenty of capital you can invest in other resources to increase your odds of success. Curious? Check out a more detailed comparison of traditional data centers vs. the cloud — and how you can be a successful entrepreneur in today’s climate without that stifling overhead – by checking out the following infographic.

Reasons to Start a Business is a cloud computing company that provides high-end infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for companies and IT professionals.

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