How to Train Your Staff on Social Media – The 3Rs

December 26, 2009

in Social Media Marketing

I think it’s safe to say social media is here to stay in the corporate world. For proof, look no further than Telstra an Australian telecom company.

A mandatory social media training has been implemented for the 40,000+ person company. The training focuses on what is called the policy of “3Rs” – responsibility, respect and representation. An ever increasing failure by many corporations when undertaking a social marketing campaign is transparency. Telstra is being as transparent as it gets – publishing their entire social media training guide online. I would encourage you to check it out, learn how you can implement something similar in your company and critique it for additional opportunities to improve the training.

The training guide takes on the forms of a comic book but also includes narration from a speaker with a pretty cool Australian accent. It starts with the most basic social media elements – like “what is Facebook?” From there the training gets into more complex issues like “what if my personal blog post is critical of Telstra?”

Telstra's Social Media Engagement

I think this a bold move and definitely opens up Telstra to quite a bit of criticism but, after all, isn’t that the point of social media? Taking consumer criticism and using it to improve your business? I expect to see future businesses to follow a similar route. What are your thoughts on the training materials?

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